A giant bending his ear, Nathan E. White is a writer and musician.

Published Work

Apparent Magnitude – Aldrich Press

Apparent Magnitude-Cover

*               *               *


“The Parade” – The Conglomerate

“Guardians” – Existere: Journal of Arts and Literature

“Autocrat in G Major” – pamplemousse

“The Appointment” – Tulane Review

*               *               *


“Reading ‘Machines'” – Bellingham Review

“Tell Me by Languages” – Communion

“Further Reading: Mare Liberum” – Gravel

“Amended Entry (Undeliverable)” – NAILED

“Further Reading: Distance Modulus” – Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose

“Terraced Reflection: Letter Unsent (to a Former Neighbor)” – Rock & Sling

“Twofold” – Rock & Sling

“Juga” – Sou’wester

*               *               *


“Biography” – Ascent

“That I Take in Absence and Will Not Meet” and “The Distance to Us” – Assisi

“Canonical” – The Bitter Oleander

“Exchange” – Blood Lotus

“As We Said Before” – Broad River Review

“We Can’t See What We’re Missing” – California Quarterly

“Buried with the Body” – The Chaffin Journal

“Preliminary” – Existere: Journal of Arts and Literature

“Every Second Wants to Be Telling” – Grasslimb (reprint)

“Notes for Moving Day” – Halfway Down the Stairs

“Company” and “Curfew” – Hiram Poetry Review

 “Witness” – J Journal

“The Shortest Distance Between Neighbors” – James Dickey Review

“Elegy Returning Every Word to Its Proper Place,” “The Injury We Have Not Seen Before,” and “Why the Light of Stars” – Lake Effect

“Icarus Modified” – The Literati Quarterly

Dictum Meum Pactum” – The Los Angeles Review

“The Invention of Flight: A Brief Survey of Marriage” – Magma

“Charter” – The Monongahela Review

“Candidate” – The Oklahoma Review

“Silent Custody of the Principal Pleasure” – Owen Wister Review

“Mural Crown” – Psychic Meatloaf

“When I Stand with My Brother at the End of God” – Quiddity

“Dying Trumpeter” and “Every Second Wants to Be Telling” – REAL: Regarding Arts & Letters

“Assignment” and “Elegy Crossing the Meridian That Defines Loss” – Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose (“Assignment” – Pushcart Prize nomination)

“Monsoon” – Roanoke Review

“From Sense Each Inheritance Is Named” and “The Year in Return” – Rock & Sling

“Pale Litany in Time of Protest” – Saint Katherine Review

“Provincial” – South Dakota Review

“Order of the Day” – Southern Indiana Review

“Brief Notices for the Agony Column” – Spot Literary Magazine

“Apparent Magnitude” – Tulane Review

“Salt for the Stale Hearts of Dying Men” – Willard & Maple

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