Unmatched Investment

“Why all the fuss? Because sloppy usage drives out meaning. Take a clause such as ‘…while the president hopefully approaches negotiations.’ Knowing that the word [hopefully] has become widely misused, one can’t tell whether in this instance it applies to the president’s state of mind or the writer’s. One has to try to estimate whether the writer is usually careful, or usually careless, or subject to occasional wild lapses. Result: muddle, waste, frustration, murk. Ordinary good writing is supposed to transmit meaning, to enlighten and clarify, not to mumble in the dark, multiplying puzzlement. That’s why.”

                                                                                       –Jack Case

*                    *                    *

“Reading, for the great majority—for the reading public—is not a passion but a pastime, and writing, for the vast number of modern authors, is a pastime and not a passion.”

                                                                          –Katherine Mansfield

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