Tell him

That it is we who are important

–W. S. Merwin, “For a Coming Extinction”

*               *               *

“Our lives are therefore an insoluble problem, a dynamic process in search of an indefinable goal. They are neither a celebration nor a spectacle but rather, as a later philosopher put it, a predicament. Humanity is the species forced by its basic nature to make moral choices and seek fulfillment in a changing world by any means it can devise.”

                                            –Edward O. Wilson, The Future of Life

*               *               *

“Nor is it a new thing for man to invent an existence that he imagines to be above the rest of life; this has been his most consistent intellectual exertion down the millennia. As illusion, it has never worked out to his satisfaction in the past, any more than it does today. Man is embedded in nature.”

                              –Lewis Thomas, “The Lives of a Cell”

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