Belletrists will have to develop a different tack in order to withstand the increasingly raw, unstoppable outflow of inferior advice. A thousand little cuts. This, from a local newspaper, quoting the American Riviera’s former poet laureate:

“I’ve seen little children write profound poetry in five to 10 minutes.”

“Poetry is music and image blended, usually written in a form—the form invented by the poet. The truth is that anyone can write a poem if they read good poetry aloud to get the feeling of the cadence in their heart.”

Let’s be perfectly clear about this. The odds that a five-year-old child in America today is writing profound poetry—there are greater odds of dying by fireworks discharge (1 in 652,046 according to the National Safety Council).

Many people know how to—are able to—run, swim, ride a bicycle, kick or throw a ball. Few qualify as athletes. Fewer as Olympians.

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2 thoughts on “STFU

  1. Indeed. And to quote myself, “If writing was easy it would be called ‘your mom’.” ….. Not your actual mom, but the universal mom… You know what I mean. 😉

    • Thomas Mann: “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

      Joseph Heller: “Every writer I know has trouble writing.”

      Writing is the most difficult work I know.



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