Stay Awhile

The work of art is therefore

only a halt in the becoming

and not a frozen aim on its own.

                    –El Lissitzky

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8 thoughts on “Stay Awhile

  1. Sara says:

    Definitely agree! Even a finished work of art is not a finished piece, but just a progress. It’s like a photograph of a certain point in our own personal development.

    • And there’s the matter of when and how to abandon it, recalling Paul Valery’s assertion that “a poem is never finished, only abandoned.”


    • Sara says:

      That’s very true too. Both poetry and paintings drive me nuts because every time I look at an old one I’ve “finished” I want to go back and change it. But you really shouldn’t. It would be like photoshopping an old picture to make it look newer. It just ruins something.

    • It depends, though. If the work can be improved on, enhanced, expanded, then it deserves the additional attention. And that takes time. There’s something to be said about walking away from the work for an extended period, letting it settle. Horace and Robert Frost talk about that as necessity (echoed by Donald Hall). It’s also nice to have different versions available, when possible (variorum).


    • Sara says:

      Wow maybe they were right. I don’t compare my sporadically created little works of art or writing to anything classic or professional though. I really don’t know much about it. Perhaps it merits some research. I understand what you mean though. I’ve been working on the same painting since November now. I know people who can produce several in a week (but they’re usually not so good).

    • I see no need to rush things.


  2. I find that especially true for blogging. We can even rewrite history if we want.


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