On Luck (Rejection/Acceptance)

“Best of luck with this.” That’s all wrong. The only luck I need is in the writing of the poem, in being “struck by lightning five or six times” (Jarrell)—that everything comes together, closing with “the click of the lid of a perfectly made box” (Yeats). But for publishing? Just submit, wait, and repeat.

All right, then. More luck is needed than I care to admit, “…and fit audience find, though few” (Milton).

*                    *                    *

Time to cut back. Too many contemporaries infuriate me with their ease (innovation is not typically for the better)…sheer absence: lack of craft and concern, skill, passion, reserve, dignity, tradition, longing, anguish, wisdom, desire, taste, thought, hunger, relief, question, sight, balance, tension, knowledge, accuracy, judgment, song, gratitude, praise, delight, wit, lyric, structure, display, study, reverence, others, life, identity, debate, intelligence, conviction, caution, pride.

More weight.

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