On Method

Read as much with a threat of loss—minus complacency: what you sense on the page most likely is already in the process of disappearing.

“The mental disease of the present generation, is impatience of study, contempt of the great masters of ancient wisdom, and a disposition to rely wholly upon unassisted genius and natural sagacity.” (I withhold the author’s name only to draw attention to the life span of this statement: 250+ years.)

You do not stand on your own. Your actions may be displeasing. The writing demands tolerance, care, a delicate touch, a voice, an ear.

You approach…how?

As a fighter, tensed and resistant?

As someone at worship, in deference?

As a lover, devouring?

As a vessel, transporting goods?

As a hunter, tracking?

As a vampire, full of hunger and need?

As a thief, pilfering grain?

As judge, felon, convert?

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